👩‍💻Editor panel

The IncludeCore editor panel for content and data editors is intuitive and straightforward to use, just keep the key concepts below in mind.

Databases data exports

Databases such as newsletter subscription entries or contact form entries can be exported in a simple CVS file format.

Databases data imports

Currently, data from a database, such as a list of newsletter subscription entries, cannot be imported. We understand the significance of this feature for future scalability in database usage, and we have prioritised its inclusion in our upcoming Q2/3 2024 releases.

File vault

The File vault enables you to upload one or more files (e.g., images, media, documents), which can later be accessed by copying and pasting the file URL into the WYSIWYG editor panel in the CMS or directly into your HTML. It's essential to know that files uploaded directly in a CMS image, video, or file module will not be stored in the File vault. Instead, they will remain associated with the respective field where they were uploaded.

CMS preview

As IncludeCore exclusively generates APIs for database and content management, we currently cannot provide a conventional "Preview" page within a user interface. To view content updates, users of the application that consumes our content APIs must save changes and refresh the app. CMS preview can be turned on by the developer in the dev console when configuring a model.

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