Lists fields allow you to define custom data types to represent lists or collections in a way that best suits your application's needs. Lists have a default limit of 1000 items per record. By default, lists in IncluceCore contain child fields that can hold a wide range of data, but at this time, you cannot have a list within a list.

One of the most powerful list field applications lets you include group fields within a list. Groups within a list might consist of blog posts, cards like people in a team, or an image gallery with captions.

➡️ Example of how a list of values, such as a list of people for a team page in a content management system, might be represented in a database using a list and a group:

  • List (parent field): Team Page

    • Group (child field): People card 1

      • Image

      • Name

      • Description

      • Link

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